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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Starbucks- I''ll have a cake with that, thanks

I am in the final throes of laughing at the faux outrage and misguided bollocks that have been thrown at the UK's number one coffee shop.

Who, in their right mind, would offer to pay this government, corporation tax, any tax if your tax accountants can get your figures to stack up and you can use EU business law to avoid doing so? Not me, that's for sure.

The Labour Party, that vanguard of fairness and virtue, did what exactly in 13 years in addressing this? I will tell you, while spunking money everywhere, and selling vast amounts of gold at half or less of the true value, encouraging the such disasters such as PFI cash draining schemes, they did jack shit.

The Tories, they have to be quiet-ish on the matter. Some of their larger donors avoid tax by smart accounting and Shameron et-all are obviously encouraging them to keep their heads below the parapet. Ssshhhhh!!

I do whatever I can, within the law, in getting my tax down. WHATEVER I CAN.

I object to the United Kingdom ejaculating £53 million A DAY into the bottomless money pit that is the undemocratic, unelected EU. And they are asking for more.

I object to some of our compulsory contributions to the IMF and the like, going to countries such as Argentina, who are whipping up Argentine anti-British feelings to deflect from the shit they are in. Echo's of 1982 reverberate.

I object to having 600+ career MP's, who are, frankly, not worth the steam off my shit. Turning out thousands (yes, really, thousands) of laws that make us compliant so that they can live in their own financial nirvana, while each law inches us closer to becoming state drones. Even more so the legions of private secretaries, civil servants and hangers on.

I object to criminals being pursued by the police and making a successful claim of £2000 compensation because one of the dogs bit him. Like they are trained to do.

Once we have a common sense government in place, massively reduced in size, and it's tentacles of power trimmed right back, where fairness, real fairness, is the norm, then I will be willing to re-evaluate my position.

No, Starbucks, you should have stood your ground, like Google seem to be doing, and told HMRC to go and fuck themselves.

Go on, I'll have another latte, thanks.....